Thomas Van Glabeke
3D Developer / Creative Technologist
Paris, France
Hello 👋! I'm Thomas Van Glabeke, also known as Latyr
I work as a Creative Technologist at Bright,
while studying my 5th and last year in Interactive Design
at Gobelins School.
Mostly focus on Computer Graphics & Creative Coding.
I'm a Generative Design lover with a strong interest in New Media Art.
I enjoy coding random visual experiments
while listening good music or watching football 🏈
Participation :
- DevX Experiments : Digital Design Days 2018 - Grow 2017 : New Kids on the Block
Awards :
- FWA of the day : 40075 - FWA of the day : Exoplanet Explorer - Awwwards site of the day : 40075 - Awwwards site of the day : Thymia - Awwwards developer Award : 40075
Wanna collaborate 🔥? Drop me a line at !